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How to create chaos in your garden

When you hear the words “chaos” and “garden” in the same sentence, you’d be forgiven for thinking the backyard would be full of weeds and dead plants.

Your Needs Matter More Than Today’s Mortgage Rates

RP Your Needs Matter Most

🙋🏻‍♀️ If you’re thinking about selling your house right now, chances are it’s because something in your life has changed. And, while things like mortgage rates are a key part of your decision on what you’ll buy next, it’s important to not lose sight of the reason you want to make a change in the first place.

ACTIVE | 1308 Lincoln St, Fairfield

This charming property features 3 bedrooms and one bathroom in the main house. Additionally there is a converted garage that has been transformed into a second unit with its own updated kitchen and bathroom. Second unit has a separate entrance

ACTIVE | 1951 Hummingbird Dr, Fairfield, CA  

This beautiful home features three bedrooms along with an office, providing ample space for living and work. As you enter you will be greeted by a large living room and dining room combination, creating an open and spacious feel.

The Main Reason Mortgage Rates Are So High

📈 Today’s mortgage rates are top-of-mind for many homebuyers right now. As a result, if you’re thinking about buying for the first time or selling your current house to move into a home that better fits your needs,

How Homeowners Win When They Downsize


🏡 Downsizing has long been a popular option when homeowners reach retirement age. But there are plenty of other life changes that could make downsizing worthwhile.

Why Buying a Home Makes More Sense Than Renting Today


🏡 Wondering if you should continue renting or if you should buy a home this year? If so, consider this. Rental affordability is still a challenge and has been for years. That’s because, historically, rents trend up over time.

The Power of Pre-Approval


To understand why getting pre-approved is an important step, you need to know what pre-approval is. As part of the process, a lender looks at your finances to determine what they’d be willing to loan you.

Think Twice Before Waiting for Lower Home Prices


As the housing market continues to change, you may be wondering where it’ll go from here. One factor you’re probably thinking about is home prices, which have come down a bit since they peaked last June.

4 Key Tips for Selling Your House This Spring

Spring has arrived, and that means more and more people are getting their homes ready to sell. But with recent shifts in real estate, this year’s spring housing market will be different from the frenzy of the past several years. To sell your house quickly, without hassles, and for the most money, be sure to follow these four simple tips:

What’s Ahead for Home Prices in 2023


🏡 Over the past year, home prices have been a widely debated topic. Some have said we’ll see a massive drop in prices and that this could be a repeat of 2008 – which hasn’t happened.